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Alwine van Winsen

To Bee or Not to Bee

Rob van der Gaag

Serious Bee Distillers

Serious Bee Distillers is located in Schiedam, known for its age-old tradition in the field of distillates. The artisanal microdistillery is run by Rob van der Gaag and Alwine van Winsen. Rob is a Schiedammer in heart and soul. Distilling is in his blood, his grandfather worked as a distiller for Daniël Visser. In her position as former director of the National Jenever Museum Schiedam, Alwine spent many years distilling malt wine in the museum distillery. All drinks are made entirely in-house with great care and passion, even the honey alcohol, rum and malt wine for the jenever. We therefore speak of a ‘warm distiller’.

Pure bee honey is the basis for Clutius & Clusius honey distillates. With these distillates, Serious Bee Distillers is unique worldwide. The drinks are internationally appreciated, as evidenced by the awards that have recently been won at prestigious competitions such as the International Spirits Challenge and the Frankfurt International Trophy.

Serious Bee Distillers uses the proceeds of the sales to support the bee project of the BeeSerious Foundation.

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Distilling for the bees at BinnensteBuiten