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Bartenders bee creative…

Our distillates, but also our meads, are highly appreciated by cocktail bartenders. Our products are not only suitable for beautiful cocktails, but our drinks are also a real treat on their own.

Cocktail bars such as Oniria (Schiedam), Ayla (Rotterdam) and 1714 Drinks/Bites (Schiedam) have cocktails on their menus in which our products are an important ingredient.

Our mead is also increasingly used in cocktails. Interesting developments!

Serious Bee Distillers cocktail Honey i’m Staying by Jasper Stadshouder from 1714 Drinks & Bites

Serious Bee Distillers Cocktail Madelief by Arton Haxhoviti from Flipp Cocktailbar

Serious Bee Distillers Cocktail Espresso Martini with Pearl by Beer from De Eenling.

Promo Janse Jenever Schiedam, Oude Klare