Strong bees

There is a worryingly high mortality of bees worldwide. There are various reasons for this, such as monoculture and the use of pesticides. Then there is the devastating Varroa mite. This is a tiny parasite that reproduces in the ‘brood’ of honey bees. Bees are needed in our ecosystem. If there are not enough bees to pollinate our crops, species will die out. The result will be the impoverishment of our natural environment and even food shortages. In 2019, the bee has therefore been named the most important creature on earth.

It is important that we do everything we can to turn the tide and put a stop to the Varroa mite. The bees can do this themselves, but we must give them a helping hand. The BeeSerious Foundation breeds bees with increased resistance to varroa. These bees are able to check their hives for the presence of varroa mites and then eliminate them at an early stage. Some bees have this property naturally. And by specifically selecting and breeding these bees, this special characteristic becomes common. A vigorous and resistant bee population is much better able to cope with setbacks and naturally comes through the winter in good health.

Honey was the most important sweetener until a few centuries ago. Bees and humans have therefore been linked since time immemorial. With the introduction of sugar, we began to forget honey and its many possibilities. Unfortunately, it has come to the point where we have almost completely forgotten about bees. Only after a huge wake-up call do we begin to realise how important bees are to our survival on earth. Proceeds from the sale of Serious Bee Distillers’ beverages go to the BeeSerious Foundation.

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